Integrated Real Estate Operations in Prague

Команда Profits Group

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Why Real Estate in the center of Prague?

We provide advanced real estate solutions.

All types of operations with real estate: purchase, property management, sale, etc. We take care of the whole process: selection and verification of the object, legal and logistical support of transactions, strategies for managing and monetizing your property.

  • Уютная студия с патио на территории комплекса.

  • Современная двухкомнатная квартира у Карлова Моста.

  • Апартаменты с видом на пражский парк.

  • Cовременная трехкомнатная квартира с камином.

  • Просторная квартира в фешенебельном проекте Palac Dlouha.

  • Студия с балконом у Народного музея.

We create demand for real estate.

Our properties have monthly occupancy rate of 90%.

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Often dealing with real estate and meeting business goals can be challenging. Look at how our team overcomes these challenges:

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