Apartment Buildings
Mutual Funds

Invest in hotels, offices, shopping malls and logistics properties in Prague

Our primary focus is hospitality market, but we work with other commercial real estate as well. When looking for an asset, we take into account not only its estimated value, but also current market trends, estimated revenue and property management opportunities.

Find a hotel for your goals in the biggest portfolio in Prague

Hotels in our portfolio range from 5 to 300 mln EUR, from family-operated to worldwide brand chains. We work with discretion, so most of the hotels are not publicly displayed for sale. If you look for a hotel with specific criteria or a specific hotel in Prague, contact us with your request.

Catch up on a highest Peer2Peer market in Europe

Invest in a number of apartments or whole apartment building to rent out property on a short-term basis. Only trade license is required which is easier to obtain from a legal standpoint.

Invest smart with smaller amounts

We provide mutual fund options for investors who are not ready to commit to investing in big amounts. Get acquainted with Prague real estate market with flexible initial investment.

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